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Our specialty kringles are a delicate buttery pastry filled with a variety of delicious homemade flavor combinations you won't find anywhere else, including our savory and seasonal kringles.


Specialty Kringle

  • Each kringle is approximately 14" long and 3 1/2" wide. Raw dough weight is 6.8 oz.

  • Most kringles are okay to ship. However they will be cut prior to packing to ensure secure delivery. Some fillings that tend to be a bit wet are best fresh and are not recommended to ship, as the dough becomes soggy over time. If you aren't sure, just ask us. We'll be happy to recommend kringles that ship well. Mac Crunch is great for shipping! Shipping is based on weight and current USPS Priority mail rates. A small handling charge is added to cover packing material costs.

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